ZeningIt Village is a co-living, co-working village

A retreat for business & startup visionaries

We understand that creative individuals in pursuit of a great new idea and business need the right environment where they can create.

They need to work where they have no boundaries.

They need a space and environment that liberates them.  

ZeningIt is such a village where the creative, innovative, ingenious come together to create a community where you can plugin instantly and flourish.

Cowkring while enjoying lifestyle of a Cyprus village, a wellness retreat resort is just what you have always need.

This is a place to create, collaborate, learn & share in pursuit of turning great dreams into reality.

Zening.It coworking and coliving is a community of creators. It is a place where dreamers and seekers find  a nurturing eco-system with respect and empathy.

It is a place for unleashing your creative and business potential.

This is where you break all limits and ceilings and become the master of your own destiny.

This is where you find friendship and sharing of ideas.

This is a place for networking where you may find partners, co-founders and plug into a network spanning many countries and continents.

Here you will get non-judgemental advice and support from creative people, fellow travelers who share to make their life more enchanting.

ZeningIt is about shaking your life up for the change you have always wanted. It is about taking a break, breaking the routine and opening yourself up for real your real potential.

ZeningIt is living uncompromising life.

It is about being the best you can be.

It is about living in harmony with your own belief system.

ZeningIt is a village and a tribe where you will have great friendships, meet kindred spirits, expect plenty of adventures, wonderful conversations, friendships, creative workshops and a true immersion in nature.

The village is a place for enriching and enchanting communications that give us those Aha ! moments and revelations.

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