Who can Be Core Community

The core community give a good part of their time to nurturing the village and individuals who come to be a part of ZeningIt startup Village.

The core community are a closely knit, highly dedicated team.

Who are the these people?

It is those who have created something already and tasted success and results of a high-intensity startup or corporate success.

It is people with real life experience of a decade in business, startups, family and community.

It is those who love to change their life through exploration and travel.

It is those who love nature and harmony and yet love startups, building new ventures, creating new companies.

It is those who understand nuts and bolts of business and know that success is a process

It is those who understand that quality of life, peace, health and happiness are essential to creating a new venture or succeed in something ongoing.

These are open, transparent, friendly people

These are unrestricted, unencumbered individuals.

These are people with a big heart and they love to share and give — they are not competitive, not petty and do not think anything of giving an idea to someone.

These are people who know it is not just what you do, but how you do it that matters the most.

These are people who are passionate about earth and environment.

These are people with ethos, love, compassion and kindness.

These are people who share laughter.

They cook for the village, care for kids,  clean, wash, do gardening, cleaning, talking, playing and are the life and soul of a happy village full of love and compassion.

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