Cyprus is located in East Mediterranean at the confluence of great civilizations.

It is a European Union country closest to Israel, Egypt, Dubai and Moscow than most European cities.

Cyprus has always been open to entrepreneurs.

The Cypriot people have built a proud and prosperous nation from ruins of war of 1974 despite the occupation of 1/3rd of island by Turkish troops.

Despite the wall and dividing line between European Republic of Cyprus and Turkish occupied North Cyprus, Cyprus is an island without limits and boundaries. Cypriots welcome 3 million tourists each year. They are among most friendly and hospitable people in the world.

It is one of safest countries in the world.

There is first class infrastructure on the island and two airports connect most European and Gilf cities with more than 100 flights per day.

It is an exotic, breathtaking beautiful island of long beaches, volcanic rocks, high mountains, vineyards and orchards.

ZeningIt Startup Village is located by Chrysochous Bay which is called in Greek mythology Aphrodite’s playground. The City of Gold Arsinoe has been discovered here by archaeologists.

This is a place with healthiest climate in Europe. The air is fresh. The water are clear. The nature is abundant. It truly is a lovely place and that is why so many startups make Cyprus their home base.

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