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ZeningIt welcome people through a rigorous process of interview, networking, recommendation and references. There are usually 12 applications for each spot. Number of spots is limited to 120.

We want to create an enriching supporting community of unique persons.

The individuals that form the ZeningIt Community are just amazing awesome people.

The community creates lifelong friendships but it also creates a network that starts to help in creative and business goals of each member right there and then.

The selection process takes into account:

  • A strong desire to live a harmonious and highly successful life

  • Creative desires and aspirations for greatness

  • A humane and empathetic attitude

  • A kind and compassionate nature

  • A wish to care and share

  • An openness to new experiences and people

  • A spiritual life philosophy

  • A belief system and ethos that match Zening ethos.

  • A sense of being on a journey of exploration and self discovery

  • A healthy curiosity

Who is it for?

ZeningIt Startup Village is for anyone in highly innovative creative profession and business.

Whether you are founder of a startup venture of thinking of starting something new, this village is for you.

If you have been working remotely full time, or as a freelancer, you will find this village ideal

If you are making a major life change, changing jobs and career itself, then this village is the perfect stopover in your journey.

If you are involved in creating something and find a block or ceiling stifling you, then this is the place to be unlimited.

If you have been feeling lonely or isolated, then this is the community you need.

You feel the need fr a support network, for encouragement, for sharing of ideas, for thinking out of box, for networking and making new friends – then this is your community and village.

If you are tired of working in an office – even a home office – and can’t stand big cities and concrete then this is the place to unleash your creativity.

If you have been wanting to be on a long holiday and travel without affecting your work and creativity, then this is your pit stop.

ZeningIt village is an experience where you will feel free and wanted. You will have your space and privacy and friends and community to support, collaborate or just play.

This is a new experience where you can take work-play-life balance to a new level of harmony and effortless good life.

ZeningIt Startup Village is for

  • Startup teams engaged in a new venture and looking to unleash their potential

  • Entrepreneurs and Founders about to launch their next big venture

  • Startup Founders and co-founders brainstorming, discussing and arguing their big ideas

  • International Teams engaged in projects and ventures collaborating online

  • Corporate Teams engaged in new challenges and breakthrough projects

  • Accelerators and incubators bringing startups, mentors, coaches and investors together.

  • Visionaries and thinkers seeking peace and kind human spirit to shape the ideas that will shape future

  • Work from Home Professionals seeking to end isolation and light up the fire in their life

  • Young families looking to spend quality time together while being engaged in their work

  • Coding Teams, programers and gaming creators.

  • Artists, coaches needing that inspiring  travel with a purpose.

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