Weather & Climate

Cyprus has hot summers and very dry climate from May till November.

Day time temperatures during peak summer are in 30s and night time in 20s.

From November, day time temperatures are in mid twenties and nighttime between 10 and 18. Nights start getting cooler.

First rains and occasional storms arrive in December when spring like time begins. Flowers blossom and all land turns green.

Nights start getting cooler and after some cloudy spells and rains, sun breaks through again and again. Cyprus has more than 320 sunny days – so winter months also have lot of sun.


Indoors, the temperatures feel chilly. People start to dress in warm woolens and use heaters indoors. January to March Cyprus sees some 10-15 days of harsh rains and storms which refresh earth and seas. It is an ideal time to enjoy nature. Nights remain cold till the weather turns in March to warm.

Winter in Cyprus is nothing like northern winters of Europe. There is snow on Trodos mountains but all seafront areas just get some lashes of rain and wind with the passing storms.

The winters are extremely mild compared with northern Europe and Sca

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