The Process of Zening.It

ZeningIt community has a scientifically designed ecosystem and program that produces wonders in unlocking human potential.

The village life has great focus on community spirit, friendship, sharing and caring.

Sharing of stories, experiences and inspirations leads to great transformations.

Creative workshops unleash creative juices to imagine and envision.

Playfulness and games lower inhibition give a child like fearlessness.

Inner strength and self confidence are achieved through immersion in yoga and meditation.

Healthy food and physical activity of community work bring a feeling of zen.

Immersion in nature, being connected to trees, plants, farm and herbs root us and allow us to blossom

Community interaction, discussion, brainstorming lead to realistic ideas and creativity.

A network of professionals, experienced business people, mentors and coaches is at hand to answer questions and give selfless guidance.


Many workshops and talks are organized to empower you.

Business talks are organized each week about corporate law, taxation, partnerships, contracts, fundraising, Brexit, European Union and global economy.

  • Business Workshops

  • Skill shares

  • Goal sharing sessions

  • Communication

  • Influencing Others

  • Stress Management

  • How to focus and manage time

  • How to multitask

  • How to be productive while traveling

  • Mindfulness

  • Yoga

  • How to be physically and mentally Healthy

Get Corporate

You will get to know about business inspiration, taxation, working across borders, managing your finances while on move. You will find out how to make the best of Cyprus and its friendly business environment.

Cyprus for Business

You will be introduced to people who can help you take are of all your corporate, accounting, tax and business needs – the boring but essential stuff – as you stay focused on what you do best.

Through the community you will get easy access to corporate advisors, banks, financiers and lawyers.

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