The Community: Core

Zening.It village is operated by a core community that have given up on their urban professional lifestyles in Helsinki, Amsterdam, London and Berlin to come to Cyprus and create this startup Village.

The core-community are successful startup founders and creative professionals that have gone through cycles of startup success and failures themselves.

They are engaged in ongoing ventures and creating new companies.

They have decided to live a better life in nature and seek greater happiness and fulfillment through community spirit rather than just accumulating wealth.

Who can Be

Core Community

The core community give a good part of their time to nurturing the village and individuals who come to be a part of ZeningIt startup Village.

The core community are a closely knit, highly dedicated team.

Who are the these people?

It is those who have created something something already and tasted success and results of a high-intensity startup or corporate success.

It is people with real life experience of a decade in business, startups, family and community.

It is those who love to change their life through exploration and travel.

It is those who love nature and harmony and yet love startups, building new ventures, creating new companies.

It is those who understand nuts and bolts of business and know that success is a process

It is those who understand that quality of life, peace, health and happiness are essential to creating a new venture or succeed in something ongoing.

These are open, transparent, friendly people

These are unrestricted, unencumbered individuals.

These are people with a big heart and they love to share and give — they are not competitive, not petty and do not think anything of giving an idea to someone.

These are people who know it is not just what you do, but how you do it that matters the most.

These are people who are passionate about earth and environment.

These are people with ethos, love, compassion and kindness.

These are people who share laughter.

They cook for the village, care for kids,  clean, wash, do gardening, cleaning, talking, playing and are the life and soul of a happy village full of love and compassion.

Vision of Founder:

Ajay Goyal had a vision to create a startup university for creativity and entrepreneurship where creators could find motivation, a support system, co-founders, guides and mentors for their ventures while living in harmony, joy and balance.

He took a dilapidated holiday village run down by neglect & horde of tourists coming in masses for unlimited all-inclusive consumption of alcohol and meat and he turned it into a wellness yoga resort.

He is passionate about creating a community of individuals who seek a deep sense of harmony and contentment and enabling an enlightened lifestyle while creating great new ventures of future.

The Village Team:

The village team are simple local people who simply love to help others.

They represent best of Cyprus culture.

They, Matheos, Sophie, Yiannis, Nikki and Alex have been working at the resort village for many years. They take care of important stuff and make sure that all residents of village are comfortable and having a great time.  

Friendship and Support of Cyprus.

The business community of Polis and Cyprus have embraced the vision of a startup creative village with enthusiasm.

Wholehearted support from Mayor, local political and business leaders has poured in for this imaginative and path breaking venture of a village for start up creators.

A Big Family

The local community of Polis- Latchi is like a big family behind every resident of startup village. There is a truly loving Big Greek Family atmosphere where startup creators are welcomed, loved and supported by the whole local community. There are best wishes and prayers in abundance for everyone to succeed. As in Alchemist, it seems the whole island and local community are conspiring for success of every startup and creator in ZeningIt village.

A Big Village

The biggest charm on coworking at Zening It Village is to meet with the locals.

The friendliness and hospitality of Cypriots is legendary.

You will be introduced to Mayor and municipal council and they will welcome you to the old Municipal building and theater.

They drop buy regularly to welcome guests of village and offer personal help for anyone in need.

You will meet the amazing Thomas Toma who created a successful enterprise with thousands of employees only to retire and created an orchard to grow exotic fruits and flowers. He will welcome you to his enchanting cabin where you will pick fruits and listen to stories of his travels to more than 50 countries.

You will meet with Dinos and his lovely wife Marina their lovely family at the Aphrodite Taverna with magical views. This taverna is also the entry point to Akamas and Blue Lagoon.

In Latchi itself there are some excellent taverns and restaurants. Within days you will fall in love with the welcoming smiles at Molos, Faros, Y&P and Porto Latchi Taverns.

Latchi Watersports has several yachts and boats to rent – and you can take PADI diving lessons too. Hans opened this area of Latchi 30 years ago and discovered some archaeological sites features in National Geographic. He will take you on boat trips and be your guide and instructor.

Some of the best fishermen in Cyprus are in Latchi and you may befriend them to be invited on fishing trips.

The owners and operators of these boats and restaurants are full of real life wisdom and experiences which they would love to share over a glass of beer , wine or a shot of Cyuprus coffee with you.

In Polis town just 20 minutes walk from village you will certainly get to know Andreas, owner of ChixChox restaurant. He is an irrepressible entrepreneur – a fighter and a man with a big heart. There are many nice cafes and restaurants in Polis. Make sure to drop by the cafe of Savvas and his brother Dmitris. They are lovely people.

Old Town Restaurant of Chef Vangelis is famous for its fine cuisine. It is one of the best restaurants in all Mediterranean.

The Herb Garden restaurant is a must visit spot.

The owner of sports clothing shop Mikhalis Klavaris and his family are lovely people and successful business owners from the area and they welcome every visitor of Zening with a huge smile and a discount.

You can get a haircut at Elias hair salon or if you want something fancy and stylish, then call Phani. She is one of the best hair stylists.

People of Polis Latchi are simple and friendly people.

Polis has many banks and all essential services. There are government and private doctors. General hospital of Paphos is 45 minutes away.

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