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Startup Village is a 60 hectare hill with 20 buildings in which more than 60 apartments are set aside for startup community.

The rooms are spacious and perfect for a long stay. The village is old and doors, windows are wooden shutters. You should come expecting a village and not a city.

There are studios and apartments for families. All furniture and comforts you need are in the room. You will have linen, blankets, quilts, towels, bathrobes – all cleaning supplies and everything else you need. There are air conditioning units in each room and you can use them for cooling or heating.

Like all Greek villages, there is no insulation so the rooms get cold after winter sets in. You should always have warm woolens – which you can buy from the town or go on a shopping trip 45 minutes way to big city.

The beds are really comfortable. All rooms have two twin beds.

The furniture is old village style.

You will find everything from toothpaste, to shampoo and toiletries in the village shop or in one of many shops nearby. A supermarket is just 7 minutes walk away.

However, you should be certain you want to get away to a remote rural community in the heart of wild and raw nature. If you like trees, birds, oranges, figs, lemons and wild growth all over in winter and then dry sunswept earth , then you will love it. If you are a person who likes perfectly manicured urban lawns  with Starbucks on the fringes and tall concrete blocks around it, you won’t.

Linen is brought to you for replacement once a week.

You can make Coffee, Tea in your own room. Breakfast is a community event and we strongly suggest every to join. But if you are in a mood occasionally to be by yourself or with a special one, there is plenty of privacy. Just be sure not to leave food or crumbs because it attracts ants and birds.

Dinner is always a community event but there are tables where you can be by yourself and just change the table to join the whole community. The community respects each others’ private space.

Hot Water is through solar heating and on cold cloudy days it is usually available from 11 AM.

You have to sort your trash and be highly responsibly environmentally. No littering, no discrading and no trashing is tolerated.

You must not smoke in the room or in the resort. There is a designated smoking area and that is the only place where smokers may smoke.

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