Ethos of Zening.It Startup Village

Co-living and co-working with a community spirit is re-defining social norms and breaking all stereotypes.

In co-living village, there is time and space for Me, there is time & empathy for You, and there is time to be We.

ZeningIt Startup Village is a place for peaceful pace of life.

This is a place for cozy, communal living.

We are here to be a community but we also truly value and appreciate every individuals own pace, private space and boundaries.

We believe in respect for every individual and community spirit is about respectfulness and empathy.

We at ZeningIt community are aware that everyone is responsible for themselves and their own actions.

People must be conscious of how they act and behave to be valued and respected in community and society.

We care about all members of the community and give help to anyone when in need.

We only have one earth as our home. We take care of  every inch of our space with our heart. With our daily actions we aim to use minimal amount of waste and recycle anything that is possible. This is a community for those who are conscious of human responsibility toward earth, environment and climate ultimately leading to well-being of all humanity.

Every member takes care of the village both in their own and common premises.

Village is our home to take care of with love.

Pursue happiness and kindness. Melancholy, sadness and grumpy days are part of life, yet seek to walk/talk them through in peace with community around you.

Be polite, kind, honest, simple and open.

Always own up responsibility for your actions.

Hold yourself and each other accountable.

Be an active participant of community – do not be on sidelines.

Do not tolerate lies or unfairness. If needed, confront the person violating ethos and peace, privately, with respect (how you’d like to be confronted). If it does not work, take it up raise the issues that disturb you with core community members.

Have  a considerate level of voice (and language).

Place cell phones on vibrate and take calls to private spaces.

Clean up after yourself and join in community cleanup.

Help keeping common areas tidy – it is a village and there is no caste system here – everyone pitches in ALL community work.

Be mindful of valuables; yours and others.

When informally meeting in common areas, be considerate of other members.

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