Arriving & Living at Startup Village

You fly to Larnaca or Paphos Airports from one of 80 cities in Europe and Gulf

One of community members will meet you at the airport.

You will immediately have a 4G mobile card and be set up in minutes to communicate with your loved one’s and colleagues

An hour later you will arrive to a warm welcome by core-community to the village.

You will have a private room with all linen, private bath and facilities.

There is a lounge where you will soon meet other community members.

The village is rather vast and community goes from 30 people to 200 people.

There is plenty of tea and coffee at the lounge.

You can start working right there and then or find a place in one of the many coworking rooms.

There are at least 5 different rooms of various sizes, scents, light, atmosphere – from quiet to exuberant to super quiet that you can choose from. You can move between these working rooms any time. The whole village is your work – playground.

Your 4G internet will work in most spaces. Many rooms have wifi Internet as well. If your work requires some major downloads and uploads – there is a room for that as well.

You just might want to sit under a tree or go to a super-quiet meditation room .

There are workshops and events each day and you will be invited by a community member who will be your sherpa for the week.

You will be asked then to sherpa new community members.

Dinner is, by rules of the village, a community event. This is where friendships and a spirit of caring and sharing starts.

You will make many friends on the first day. With them or alone, you will start to explore the enchanting villages, marina, beaches.

Within  a few days you will meet many very friendly locals – Cypriots are wonderful and warm people and they welcome every member of Village as a family member.

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