The StartUp Village

Zening.It Startup Village

and retreat for creative ventures & digital nomads co-living, co-working, networking, coaching, mentoring and wellness lifestyle.

Long stay residences for startup founders, remote working professionals, creative professionals and young families.

Weekend and workshops for short stay & and visitors.


Ideology & Manifesto

Mobile and internet have give a new kind of freedom to us. SO what are we doing with it?

We have the freedom to not be tied down to any location – to a building, city or desk.

We are free to work from where we want.

Conventional thinking and ways of living & working are not applicable in this new connected world.

We can work while traveling and this freedom brings about a symbiosis of a great desire and an important necessity in human DNA – a desire to travel and a necessity to work. Humans also have a need to be social – urbanization and proliferation of internet have cruel implications of self-imprisonment and isolation.

ZeningIt Startup village and Retreat is a free place for modern creator and professional that does not want to chained to a place.

This is a village that uses the best of technology, freedom of travel for new experiences, gain new perspectives, develop creative instincts and be part of a supportive and fun community, while working. is the ability to live a rich and fulling life, on your own terms.

Zening,It is a village and community that helps individuals write new rules – their own – for living a life that is enriched, creative, rewarding and fulfilling.


ZeningIt Village is a co-living, co-working village and retreat for business & startup visionaries

We understand that creative individuals in pursuit of a great new idea and business need the right environment where they can create.

They need to work where they have no boundaries.

They need a space and environment that liberates them.  

ZeningIt is such a village where the creative, innovative, ingenious come together to create a community where you can plugin instantly and flourish.

Cowkring while enjoying lifestyle of a Cyprus village, a wellness retreat resort is just what you have always need.

This is a place to create, collaborate, learn & share in pursuit of turning great dreams into reality.

Zening.It coworking and coliving is a community of creators. It is a place where dreamers and seekers find  a nurturing eco-system with respect and empathy.

It is a place for unleashing your creative and business potential.

This is where you break all limits and ceilings and become the master of your own destiny.

This is where you find friendship and sharing of ideas.

This is a place for networking where you may find partners, co-founders and plug into a network spanning many countries and continents.

Here you will get non-judgemental advice and support from creative people, fellow travelers who share to make their life more enchanting.

Zeing it is about shaking your life up for the change you have always wanted. It is about taking a break, breaking the routine and opening yourself up for real your real potential.

ZeningIt is living uncompromising life.

It is about being the best you can be.

It is about living in harmony with your own belief system.

ZeningIt is a village and a tribe where you will have great friendships, meet kindred spirits, expect plenty of adventures, wonderful conversations, friendships, creative workshops and a true immersion in nature.

The village is a place for enriching and enchanting communications that give us those Aha ! moments and revelations.


What Do We Do?

The Zening It Startup & Venture Village is created as a place to cultivate inspiration and a belief system. We connect inspiring dreamers and doers and form a community spirit.

We empower creative people through network, coaching, knowledge, workshops and friendship so they may realise their dreams.

We are working to make a thousand great ventures bloom.

You can only be productive and truly creative if you are living well.

You bring your job – we will bring life to it.

We help people:

  • Break through all limiting beliefs.
  • Acquire leadership skills
  • become communicators and influencers.
  • believe in themselves
  • to be inspired
  • be constantly creative
  • get a new perspective on power of a traveling lifestyle
  • get a perspective on material free life.
  • achieve spiritual and personal enrichment
  • The atmosphere at ZeningIt is for making new friendships and lifelong connections.
  • You will start on a new path of  personal and professional growth.
  • You will achieve a whole new perspective on work and life.
  • You will make new better choices and redefine yourself.



Cyprus is located in East Mediterranean at the confluence of great civilizations.

It is a European Union country closest to Israel, Egypt, Dubai and Moscow than most European cities.

Cyprus has always been open to entrepreneurs.

The Cypriot people have built a proud and prosperous nation from ruins of war of 1974 despite the occupation of 1/3rd of island by Turkish troops.

Despite the wall and dividing line between European Republic of Cyprus and Turkish occupied North Cyprus, Cyprus is an island without limits and boundaries. Cypriots welcome 3 million tourists each year. They are among most friendly and hospitable people in the world.

It is one of safest countries in the world.

There is first class infrastructure on the island and two airports connect most European and Gilf cities with more than 100 flights per day.

It is an exotic, breathtaking beautiful island of long beaches, volcanic rocks, high mountains, vineyards and orchards.

ZeningIt Startup Village is located by Chrysochous Bay which is called in Greek mythology Aphrodite’s playground. The City of Gold Arsinoe has been discovered here by archaeologists.

This is a place with healthiest climate in Europe. The air is fresh. The water are clear. The nature is abundant. It truly is a lovely place and that is why so many starups make Cyprus their home base.


City – Village – ZeningIt

Polis city in Cyprus is located 200 kms from Larnaca airport and only 50 kms from paphos airport. It is a quiet family city with a bay looking north and hills around giving it a unique microclimate. The city has a population of 10,000.

Chrysochous Bay: From Akamas to Pomos, the 40 kms drive along the bay is breaktaking. There are cute villages and harbours dotted around. The area is rich with a dozen charming villages. The waters are pristine clear.

Latchi village and harbour are famous for yacht marina and gateway to blue lagoon which is only a 30 minute powerboat sail away. Thousands of tourists come each year to Latchi to take a boat to Blue Lagoon. The village has many small hotels, villas and holiday homes. It is favourite spot for Cypriots to take their vacations when the island is filled with European tourists.

Zening.It village is located in Latchi harbour village, 6 kms from Polis.

Akamas peninsula is a national protected park. It has rare earth formations, caves, volcanic rock and coves. It is a place of exotic beauty and a truly magical natural wonder.


The Community

Zening.It village is operated by a core community that have given up on their urban professional lifestyles in Helsinki, Amsterdam, London and Berlin to come to Cyprus and create this startup Village.

The core-community are successful startup founders and creative professionals that have gone through cycles of startup success and failures themselves.

They are engaged in ongoing ventures and creating new companies.

They have decided to live a better life in nature and seek greater happiness and fulfillment through community spirit rather than just accumulating wealth.

Who can Be Core Community?

The core community give a good part of their time to nurturing the village and individuals who come to be a part of ZeningIt startup Village.

The core community are a closely knit, highly dedicated team.

Who are the these people?

  • It is those who have created something something already and tasted success and results of a high-intensity startup or corporate success.
  • It is people with real life experience of a decade in business, startups, family and community.
  • It is those who love to change their life through exploration and travel.
  • It is those who love nature and harmony and yet love startups, building new ventures, creating new companies.
  • It is those who understand nuts and bolts of business and know that success is a process
  • It is those who understand that quality of life, peace, health and happiness are essential to creating a new venture or succeed in something ongoing.
  • These are open, transparent, friendly people
  • These are unrestricted, unencumbered individuals.
  • These are people with a big heart and they love to share and give — they are not competitive, not petty and do not think anything of giving an idea to someone.
  • These are people who know it is not just what you do, but how you do it that matters the most.
  • These are people who are passionate about earth and environment.
  • These are people with ethos, love, compassion and kindness.
  • These are people who share laughter.
  • They cook for the village, care for kids,  clean, wash, do gardening, cleaning, talking, playing and are the life and soul of a happy village full of love and compassion.

Vision of Founder:

Ajay Goyal had a vision to create a startup university for creativity and entrepreneurship where creators could find motivation, a support system, co-founders, guides and mentors for their ventures while living in harmony, joy and balance.

He took a dilapidated holiday village run down by neglect & horde of tourists coming in masses for unlimited all-inclusive consumption of alcohol and meat and he turned it into a wellness yoga resort.

He is passionate about creating a community of individuals who seek a deep sense of harmony and contentment and enabling an enlightened lifestyle while creating great new ventures of future.

The Village Team:

The village team are simple local people who simply love to help others.

They represent best of Cyprus culture.

They, Matheos, Sophie, Yiannis, Nikki and Alex have been working at the resort village for many years. They take care of important stuff and make sure that all residents of village are comfortable and having a great time.  

Friendship and Support of Cyprus.

The business community of Polis and Cyprus have embraced the vision of a startup creative village with enthusiasm.

Wholehearted support from Mayor, local political and business leaders has poured in for this imaginative and path breaking venture of a village for start up creators.

A Big Family

The local community of Polis- Latchi is like a big family behind every resident of startup village. There is a truly loving Big Greek Family atmosphere where startup creators are welcomed, loved and supported by the whole local community. There are best wishes and prayers in abundance for everyone to succeed. As in Alchemist, it seems the whole island and local community are conspiring for success of every startup and creator in ZeningIt village.

A Big Village

The biggest charm on coworking at Zening It Village is to meet with the locals.

The friendliness and hospitality of Cypriots is legendary.

You will be introduced to Mayor and municipal council and they will welcome you to the old Municipal building and theater.

They drop buy regularly to welcome guests of village and offer personal help for anyone in need.

You will meet the amazing Thomas Toma who created a successful enterprise with thousands of employees only to retire and created an orchard to grow exotic fruits and flowers. He will welcome you to his enchanting cabin where you will pick fruits and listen to stories of his travels to more than 50 countries.

You will meet with Dinos and his lovely wife Marina their lovely family at the Aphrodite Taverna with magical views. This taverna is also the entry point to Akamas and Blue Lagoon.

In Latchi itself there are some excellent taverns and restaurants. Within days you will fall in love with the welcoming smiles at Molos, Faros, Y&P and Porto Latchi Taverns.

Latchi Watersports has several yachts and boats to rent – and you can take PADI diving lessons too. Hans opened this area of Latchi 30 years ago and discovered some archaeological sites features in National Geographic. He will take you on boat trips and be your guide and instructor.

Some of the best fishermen in Cyprus are in Latchi and you may befriend them to be invited on fishing trips.

The owners and operators of these boats and restaurants are full of real life wisdom and experiences which they would love to share over a glass of beer , wine or a shot of Cyuprus coffee with you.

In Polis town just 20 minutes walk from village you will certainly get to know Andreas, owner of ChixChox restaurant. He is an irrepressible entrepreneur – a fighter and a man with a big heart. There are many nice cafes and restaurants in Polis. Make sure to drop by the cafe of Savvas and his brother Dmitris. They are lovely people.

Old Town Restaurant of Chef Vangelis is famous for its fine cuisine. It is one of the best restaurants in all Mediterranean.

The Herb Garden restaurant is a must visit spot.

The owner of sports clothing shop Mikhalis Klavaris and his family are lovely people and successful business owners from the area and they welcome every visitor of Zening with a huge smile and a discount.

You can get a haircut at Elias hair salon or if you want something fancy and stylish, then call Phani. She is one of the best hair stylists.

People of Polis Latchi are simple and friendly people.

Polis has many banks and all essential services. There are government and private doctors. General hospital of Paphos is 45 minutes away.


You, The Startup Village People

ZeningIt welcome people through a rigorous process of interview, networking, recommendation and references. There are usually 12 applications for each spot. Number of spots is limited to 120.

We want to create an enriching supporting community of unique persons.

The individuals that form the ZeningIt Community are just amazing awesome people.

The community creates lifelong friendships but it also creates a network that starts to help in creative and business goals of each member right there and then.

The selection process takes into account:

  • A strong desire to live a harmonious and highly successful life
  • Creative desires and aspirations for greatness
  • A humane and empathetic attitude
  • A kind and compassionate nature
  • A wish to care and share
  • An openness to new experiences and people
  • A spiritual life philosophy
  • A belief system and ethos that match Zening ethos.
  • A sense of being on a journey of exploration and self discovery
  • A healthy curiosity


Who is it For?

ZeningIt Startup Village is for anyone in highly innovative creative profession and business.

Whether you are founder of a startup venture of thinking of starting something new, this village is for you.

If you have been working remotely full time, or as a freelancer, you will find this village ideal

If you are making a major life change, changing jobs and career itself, then this village is the perfect stopover in your journey.

If you are involved in creating something and find a block or ceiling stifling you, then this is the place to be unlimited.

If you have been feeling lonely or isolated, then this is the community you need.

You feel the need fr a support network, for encouragement, for sharing of ideas, for thinking out of box, for networking and making new friends – then this is your community and village.

If you are tired of working in an office – even a home office – and can’t stand big cities and concrete then this is the place to unleash your creativity.

If you have been wanting to be on a long holiday and travel without affecting your work and creativity, then this is your pit stop.

ZeningIt village is an experience where you will feel free and wanted. You will have your space and privacy and friends and community to support, collaborate or just play.

This is a new experience where you can take work-play-life balance to a new level of harmony and effortless good life.


ZeningIt Startup Village is for

  • Startup teams engaged in a new venture and looking to unleash their potential.
  • Entrepreneurs and Founders about to launch their next big venture.
  • Startup Founders and co-founders brainstorming, discussing and arguing their big ideas.
  • International Teams engaged in projects and ventures collaborating online.
  • Corporate Teams engaged in new challenges and breakthrough projects.
  • Accelerators and incubators bringing startups, mentors, coaches and investors together.
  • Visionaries and thinkers seeking peace and kind human spirit to shape the ideas that will shape future.
  • Work from Home Professionals seeking to end isolation and light up the fire in their life.
  • Young families looking to spend quality time together while being engaged in their work.
  • Coding Teams, programers and gaming creators.
  • Artists, coaches needing that inspiring  travel with a purpose.


Why Do You Need Startup Village?

  • You are tired of 9 to 5 work in four walls feeling chained to a desk
  • You need to connect with nature and your inner self
  • You want to travel
  • You do not like to waste time and want to be productive all the time
  • You want creative Impulses from within to remain strong
  • You are in Pursuit of Greatness
  • You want Freedom
  • You are doing a major reset of your life
  • You are tired of routine and problems
  • You need to put failures into perspective as steps toward success.
  • You are Building Something
  • You are creating a new team
  • You need a new balance
  • You want to Know Yourself
  • You are seeking a Balance and Harmony
  • You want to face your dragon


Your Attitude

  • ZeningIt Startup Village is an attitude.
  • If you are ingenious and innovative, fiery and humane at the same time.
  • If you are an explorer and traveler in your spirit.
  • If you seek human connectedness.  
  • You want true friendships in life.
  • You want to share and care.


You want to make a difference

You want to be the difference


The Process of Zening.It

ZeningIt community has a scientifically designed ecosystem and program that produces wonders in unlocking human potential.

The village life has great focus on community spirit, friendship, sharing and caring.

Sharing of stories, experiences and inspirations leads to great transformations.

Creative workshops unleash creative juices to imagine and envision.

Playfulness and games lower inhibition give a child like fearlessness.

Inner strength and self confidence are achieved through immersion in yoga and meditation.

Healthy food and physical activity of community work bring a feeling of zen.

Immersion in nature, being connected to trees, plants, farm and herbs root us and allow us to blossom

Community interaction, discussion, brainstorming lead to realistic ideas and creativity.

A network of professionals, experienced business people, mentors and coaches is at hand to answer questions and give selfless guidance.



Many workshops and talks are organized to empower you.

Business talks are organized each week about corporate law, taxation, partnerships, contracts, fundraising , Brexit, European Union and global economy.

  • Business Workshops
  • Skill shares,
  • Goal sharing sessions,
  • Communication
  • Influencing Others
  • Stress Management
  • How to focus and manage time
  • How to multitask
  • How to be productive while traveling
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • How to be physically and mentally Healthy


Get Corporate

You will get to know about business inspiration, taxation, working across borders, managing your finances while on move. You will find out how to make the best of Cyprus and its friendly business environment.

Cyprus for Business

You will be introduced to people who can help you take are of all your corporate, accounting, tax and business needs – the boring but essential stuff – as you stay focussed on what you do best.

Through the community you will get easy access to corporate advisors, banks, financiers nd lawyers.


Living Accommodation

Startup Village is a 60 hectare hill with 20 buildings in which more than 60 apartments are set aside for startup community.

The rooms are spacious and perfect for a long stay. The village is old and doors, windows are wooden shutters. You should come expecting a village and not a city.

There are studios and apartments for families. All furniture and comforts you need are in the room. You will have linen, blankets, quilts, towels, bathrobes – all cleaning supplies and everything else you need. There are air conditioning units in each room and you can use them for cooling or heating.

Like all Greek villages, there is no insulation so the rooms get cold after winter sets in. You should always have warm woolens – which you can buy from the town or go on a shopping trip 45 minutes way to big city.

The beds are really comfortable. All rooms have two twin beds.

The furniture is old village style.

You will find everything from toothpaste, to shampoo and toiletries in the village shop or in one of many shops nearby. A supermarket is just 7 minutes walk away.

However, you should be certain you want to get away to a remote rural community in the heart of wild and raw nature. If you like trees, birds, oranges, figs, lemons and wild growth all over in winter and then dry sunswept earth , then you will love it. If you are a person who likes perfectly manicured urban lawns  with Starbucks on the fringes and tall concrete blocks around it, you won’t.

Linen is brought to you for replacement once a week.

You can make Coffee, Tea in your own room. Breakfast is a community event and we strongly suggest every to join. But if you are in a mood occasionally to be by yourself or with a special one, there is plenty of privacy. Just be sure not to leave food or crumbs because it attracts ants and birds.

Dinner is always a community event but there are tables where you can be by yourself and just change the table to join the whole community. The community respects each others’ private space.

Hot Water is through solar heating and on cold cloudy days it is usually available from 11 AM.

You have to sort your trash and be highly responsibly environmentally. No littering, no discrading and no trashing is tolerated.

You must not smoke in the room or in the resort. There is a designated smoking area and that is the only place where smokers may smoke.


Food & Drink

There is a community kitchen in operation at the village.

Breakfast and dinner are community events and the whole community is encouraged to gather and share the experience.

Food is dominantly vegetarian but fish and chicken are served from time to time.

We place strong emphasis on healthy mediterranean diet which is scientifically proven to be healthiest in the world. Your healthy diet will increase your energy level, help you manage weight and give you clear thinking.

Beer and Wine are available all days.

Friday and Saturday are party nights and a party is organized on the beach, a picnic outdoors with a full community bar.

Any drugs are illegal in Cyprus and strictly prohibited from the village.


What to Do in the Area

The area of Latchi, Polis Chrysochous is most admired holiday destination of Cypriots. The Chrysochous Bay, the Akamas, the villages of the area Argaka, Drousia, Pomos and the city of Polis itself are known for their charm and hospitality of locals.

There are plenty of things to do in

  • Leisure your time away on beach
  • Take amazing sunset views
  • Walk in the wild Akamas, climb the mountains and rocks or just go to untouched beaches and gorges. This is a walkers paradise.
  • Go fishing
  • Sail the Chrysochous Bay and even join a group to earn an RYA certification in boat handling.
  • Take a PADDY Diving course and certificate.
  • Rent a car and explore Cyprus, take biking trips or just lie on the beach.
  • Go to Cyprus cities
  • Visit archaeological sites and museums


Ethos of Zening.It Startup Village

Co-living and co-working with a community spirit is re-defining social norms and breaking all stereotypes.

In co-living village, there is time and space for Me, there is time & empathy for You, and there is time to be We.

ZeningIt Startup Village is a place for peaceful pace of life.

This is a place for cozy, communal living.

We are here to be a community but we also truly value and appreciate every individuals own pace, private space and boundaries.

We believe in respect for every individual and community spirit is about respectfulness and empathy.

We at ZeningIt community are aware that everyone is responsible for themselves and their own actions.

People must be conscious of how they act and behave to be valued and respected in community and society.

We care about all members of the community and give help to anyone when in need.

We only have one earth as our home. We take care of  every inch of our space with our heart. With our daily actions we aim to use minimal amount of waste and recycle anything that is possible. This is a community for those who are conscious of human responsibility toward earth, environment and climate ultimately leading to wellbeing of all humanity.

  • Every member takes care of the village both in their own and common premises.
  • Village is our home to take care if with love.
  • Pursue happiness and kindness. Melancholy, sadness and grumpy days are part of life, yet seek to walk/talk them through in peace with community around you.
  • Be polite, kind, honest, simple and open.
  • Always own up responsibility for your actions.
  • Hold yourself and each other accountable.
  • Be an active participant of community – do not be on sidelines.
  • Do not tolerate lies or unfairness. If needed, confront the person violating ethos and peace, privately, with respect (how you’d like to be confronted). If it does not work, take it up raise the issues that disturb you with core community members.
  • Have  a considerate level of voice (and language).
  • Place cell phones on vibrate and take calls to private spaces.
  • Clean up after yourself and join in community cleanup.
  • Help keeping common areas tidy – it is a village and there is no caste system here – everyone pitches in ALL community work.
  • Be mindful of valuables; yours and others.
  • When informally meeting in common areas, be considerate of other members.


Fall in Love With Cyprus

The founder of Village came to Cyprus for a business meeting 30 years ago and fell in love with the island. He soon bought a home and has ever since considered Cyprus his home. You may also fall in love with the island and this area.

You will travel the world and create enterprises and do amazing things but be prepared, you may find a part of you will always want to return to Cyprus and to this area.


Weather & Climate

Cyprus has hot summers and very dry climate from May till November.

Day time temperatures during peak summer are in 30s and night time in 20s.

From November, day time temperatures are in mid twenties and nighttime between 10 and 18. Nights start getting cooler.

First rains and occasional storms arrive in December when spring like time begins. Flowers blossom and all land turns green.

Nights start getting cooler and after some cloudy spells and rains, sun breaks through again and again. Cyprus has more than 320 sunny days – so winter months also have lot of sun.

Indoors, the temperatures feel chilly. People start to dress in warm woolens and use heaters indoors. January to March Cyprus sees some 10-15 days or harsh rains and storms which refresh earth and seas. It is an ideal time to enjoy nature. Nights remain cold till the weather turns in March to warm.

Winter in Cyprus is nothing like northern winters of Europe. There is snow on Trodos mountains but all seafront areas just get some lashes of rain and wind with the passing storms.

The winters are extremely mind compared with northern Europe and Scandinavia


The Package


ZeningIt is a One Month Coworking – Living & Community Package

One Month/ 29 nights:

  • €2800 per person single occupancy room
  • €2000 per person in double occupancy

Ten Days/ 9 nights

Minimum stay is 10 days

  • €1050 per person single occupancy room
  • €750 per person in double occupancy room

5 Weekends For Cyprus Residents ( Friday & Saturday night)

  • €1050 per person single occupancy room
  • €750 per person in double occupancy room

Startups & Teams

5 Rooms or More Discount 10%

One Month 29 nights:

  • €2800 per person single occupancy room
  • €2000 per person in double occupancy

Ten Days: 9 nights

Minimum stay is 10 days

  • €1050 per person single occupancy room
  • €750 per person in double occupancy room

Digital Factory

20 rooms or more

20% Discount


One Month, 29 nights:

  • €2800 per person single occupancy room
  • €2000 per person in double occupancy

Corporate Team/ Government

10 persons or more

One Week/ 6 nights

  • € 750 per person

One Day/ Day Time Intensive, Non resident

  • €65 per person

Weekend Intensive/ Non resident

  • €130 per person

Weekend Intensive Resident

  • €275 per person


Arriving & Living at Startup Village

You fly to Larnaca or Paphos Airports from one of 80 cities in Europe and Gulf

One of community members will meet you at the airport.

You will immediately have a 4G mobile card and be set up in minutes to communicate with your loved one’s and colleagues

An hour later you will arrive to a warm welcome by core-community to the village.

You will have a private room with all linen, private bath and facilities.

There is a lounge where you will soon meet other community members.

The village is rather vast and community goes from 30 people to 200 people.

There is plenty of tea and coffee at the lounge.

You can start working right there and then or find a place in one of the many coworking rooms.

There are at least 5 different rooms of various sizes, scents, light, atmosphere – from quiet to exuberant to super quiet that you can choose from. You can move between these working rooms any time. The whole village is your work – playground.

Your 4G internet will work in most spaces. Many rooms have wifi Internet as well. If your work requires some major downloads and uploads – there is a room for that as well.

You just might want to sit under a tree or go to a super-quiet meditation room .

There are workshops and events each day and you will be invited by a community member who will be your sherpa for the week.

You will be asked then to sherpa new community members.

Dinner is, by rules of the village, a community event. This is where friendships and a spirit of caring and sharing starts.

You will make many friends on the first day. With them or alone, you will start to explore the enchanting villages, marina, beaches.

Within  a few days you will meet many very friendly locals – Cypriots are wonderful and warm people and they welcome every member of Village as a family member.


Co-Working at Village

The CoWorking Village has six working areas for large occupancy, quiet working, cafe atmosphere, lounge and library.

Residents may work from any rooms, any time, 24×7.

Each room has its own rules on music, chatter, meetings and noise.

4G network works in most rooms and all residents are given a 4G network SIM card for their mobile phone.

Two main coworking areas have 20 Mbps internet wifi connection.

For heavy downloads and uploads,  arrangements can be made and charges may apply.

The village is remote and no fibre optic connection is available – internet is through DSL and wifi.

Excellent breakfast is provided from 8 till 10 AM

Core Community do much of the work but all community members are expected to agree a schedule of two hours of community engagement for cooking, dish washing, food service,  laundry, gardening, trash collection, environmental work, teach, play with kids and help with technical stuff.


Interview & Application Process